iPhone 13 Pro Max supports up to 27W fast charging, the regular Pro goes up to 23W


Even though Apple doesn’t advertise it, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max got an upgraded charging this year. According to ChargerLAB‘s tests, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can go up to 27W while the standard Pro peaks at 23W.

This means that with appropriate USB Power Delivery charger with at least 30W output, the Pro Max can charge at 27W for a while before temperature constraints lead to throttling. And since the device doesn’t ship with a charger at all, Apple is happy to sell you a $50 30W USB PD charger.

The iPhone 13 Pro received some love as well and ChargerLAB says it can get up to 23W – a small increase over the 20W charging from last year’s iPhone 12 Pro.


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