News Decoder kicks off fundraising campaign to extend reach


Here’s the plan.

First, we’re committed to attracting more academic partners in developing countries because we believe global discussions need more diverse voices at the table. Partner schools pay a fee to be part of our global network, but some partners are unable to cover the entire fee. From the start, donors have made up the difference and provided the support our lean operations, based in France, require.

With your support, our ambition is to grow our school network by 50% in the next two years, focusing particularly on the under-represented regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Second, we have crafted an ambitious strategy to offer new activities and resources to young people wherever they are, whatever their means. We’re delighted to announce the launch next week of a new section to our website featuring weekly quizzes, publishing opportunities, internship, storytelling contests and public webinars.

This is just the start: with your help we’ll continue to grow these resources and provide ever more young people with opportunities to engage in what we do.

Finally, we want to do more to support the educators who are the backbone of our work with schools. Our plan is to offer teachers online networking opportunities, professional development days and an extended range of teaching resources adaptable to different classrooms.

All of this will require financial support so our small team of three full-time staff can do big things.


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