Charles Cornwallis – HISTORY


Charles Cornwallis was a British army officer who served as a general during the Revolutionary War (also known as the American Revolution). He led British forces to success in New York and Philadelphia before moving to the war’s southern theater in 1780. Despite suffering a crushing defeat at the Battle of Yorktown, Cornwallis had a celebrated post-war career, serving as governor general of India and lord lieutenant of Ireland.

Early Life and Military Career

Cornwallis was born on December 31, 1738 in London, England, into an aristocratic family with a distinguished military pedigree. His own military career began in earnest during the Seven Years’ War, when he traveled to Germany and initially served as an aide-de-camp on the staff of the Marquess of Granby. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a regimental commander in 1761 and earning a citation for bravery for his performance in the Battle of Vellinghausen.


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