Realme GT Neo2 disassembly reveals it’s fairly easy to replace battery and screen


The latest device to get the teardown treatment on PBKreviews is none other than the Realme GT Neo2 which debuted back in September in China before going global earlier this month. The phone earned a decent 8/10 reparability score with a fairly easy access to the screen and pull tabs for the battery.

Like almost all teardowns this one begins by applying heat to the phone’s back to loosen up the adhesive. With the back pried off, we see a plastic cover put in place with 17 screws and which also requires a pry tool to detach. The mainboard houses the cameras, chipset, memory and storage chips and has a layer of thermal paste and a copper tape enclosure. The GT Neo2’s dual battery holds a total capacity of 5,000 mAh. Going further down we find the speakers and USB-C port.


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