Xiaomi won’t sell the Mi 11 Ultra in India again


Earlier this year Xiaomi decided to launch the Mi 11 Ultra in India, following its global release. It went on sale in the subcontinent in July, but only in very limited quantities, and thus went out of stock very quickly. After a while of not being in stock, the phone simply disappeared from Xiaomi India’s website, where it’s still nowhere to be found.

According to a new report from India Today Tech, this is no accident. It turns out that Xiaomi does not intend to sell the Mi 11 Ultra in India ever again. The company has allegedly sold the entire stock it had for the Indian market and doesn’t plan on importing more units.

Xiaomi won't sell the Mi 11 Ultra in India again

So if you’re in India and were planning to buy a Mi 11 Ultra officially, but didn’t get round to it just yet – well, this is tough news. Xiaomi is said to keep its premium category focus, and will apparently launch a successor to the Mi 11 Ultra in the subcontinent in 2022.

Until then, however, you’re out of luck if you want to grab an ultra-premium Xiaomi device in India. The Mi 11 Ultra was Xiaomi’s first such handset to get an Indian release, but it eventually arrived months after the initial introduction in April, and disappeared quite quickly, never to be seen again.



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