Samsung announces jeans with a dedicated Galaxy Z Flip3 pocket


Samsung in partnership with Dr Denim has just launched a pair of jeans with a dedicated Galaxy Z Flip3 pocket. It is placed on the right hip and is designed to fit the latest clamshell foldable. The jeans have all other pockets either sewn shut or entirely removed, though.

Samsung launches jeans with a dedicated Galaxy Z Flip3 pocket

In a press release, Samsung asks “who needs big pockets” and decided to scrap them because “they take up too much space”, “don’t look stylish” and “the latest phones slip and slide inside them”. We are not quite sure we agree with those entirely, having a dedicated pocket for a foldable phone such as the Galaxy Z Flip3 does make some sense.

“Who needs pockets”

The pair is sold for AUD1,499 and comes with a free 128GB Galaxy Z Flip3 in one of the original four colors – Cream, Black, Green, Lavender.

A quick check at Samsung’s website reveals that’s the actual price of the foldable, meaning a purchase through Dr Denim gets you a free pair of the bespoke jeans.



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