SA: Q3 was yet another strong quarter for the PC market


A new report from Strategy Analytics says that the PC market managed to grow in Q3 2021 by 8% year-over-year despite the hardware supply constraints. However, the authors of the analysis believe that this is going to be temporary as the supply shortages and increasing component prices are slowly catching up to the major vendors leaving the future quarters a bit of a mystery.

Lenovo is still leading the market with a 23% share and 5% growth in shipments year-on-year. HP follows closely with a 21% market share, but its shipments declined 5% compared to last year’s third quarter.

Strategy Analytics report shows yet another strong quarter for the PC market

Dell saw a massive 50% jump in shipments reaching 12.2 million units worldwide and as a result gains 5.1 percentage points of market share and reaches 18.2%.

Apple’s macOS business also records great sales in September, with all-time high shipments in a single quarter of 6.5 million units. That’s about 10% growth year-on-year and enough to maintain its 10% global market share.

Asus earns a spot in the top 5 with 10% increase in sales and now accounts for about 8% of the market.

Strategy Analytics outlines several key factors contributing to the overall PC market growth. People returning to work after the pandemic and companies looking for ways to boost productivity is one reason. But we can’t overlook the fact that discounts on premium and gaming devices gave some users a reason to upgrade sooner. The demand for education-centric notebooks has also helped with the market growth.



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