Huawei’s upcoming flip phone to feature a new, simpler hinge


Industry sources from Zhaoli Technology that manufacturers smartphone hardware, suggest that Huawei’s next foldable phone will feature a next-generation hinge design. The company has worked on the new hinge for quite a while and said that a smartphone manufacturer is ready to launch a phone with the aforementioned hinge.

Despite the fact that no names were given, it’s most likely that the smartphone manufacturer in question is Huawei; The new hinge uses fewer parts and it’s considerably simpler, which in turn drives the price down and improves reliability.

The foldable Huawei to utilize the new design is likely the clamshell phone we’ve been hearing about. It’s going to be small with various fresh new colors. The Weibo post includes a couple of renders of the device but we can’t confirm that either of those is legitimate.

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