Rocket League Sideswipe now available worldwide for iOS and Android


Rocket League Sideswipe from developer Psyonix (owned by Epic Games) is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. The game is around 700MB-1GB in size depending on platform and device, and is available for free.

Rocket League Sideswipe is the mobile version of the incredibly popular Rocket League for PC and consoles. Similar to the standard version, Sideswipe is based on the same basic concept of ‘football but with cars’ where you steer your vehicle to shoot your ball through the enemy’s goalpost.

The major difference between the standard version and Sideswipe is that while the standard version takes place in a fully three dimensional environment with 360-degree movement and complete control of the camera, Sideswipe instead takes place on a two dimensional plane (but with 3D elements) so you only have to control your vehicle on two axes. This vastly simplifies the controls, making it perfectly suitable for playing on a smartphone with limited touch controls.

In Sideswipe, you can choose to play against one person or form a team of two players against two other players. The game automatically does the match making and finds the remaining players for you. Once started, your objective is to score the most number of games against the enemy team. You control the vehicle with the left joystick and you can either move left/right or up/down. You also have controls to boost your speed for a limited time and perform a single or double jump. Using these abilities, you shoot the comically large ball through the equally large goalposts.

In a few minutes of playthrough, Sideswipe was immediately impressive thanks to a combination of simple controls and tense, action-packed moments despite only having four players on screen at most. There’s also a good amount of customization available for your vehicles. The game is also aesthetically quite impressive with scalable settings and a fun soundtrack.

For a free title, Rocket League Sideswipe is pretty great and worth checking out.



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