Samsung Galaxy A13 5G to feature 90Hz display


We already have a fairly comprehensive specs list for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and 4G, but the latest information comes as a surprise. It appears that at least the 5G-enabled variant will boast a 90Hz display. And that comes on top of the already impressive 50MP main camera and supposed price tag.

In a 12-minute video guide by AT&T, you can see the so-called Motion smoothness feature in the settings menu suggesting that the display will support more than 60Hz refresh rate. And given the budget status of the A13, it’s safe to assume that the panel would be clocked at 90Hz. 120Hz remains for the upper mid-range and flagship price brackets.

The leaks so far point at a 6.48-inch LCD screen, Dimensity 700 chipset, 5,000 mAh battery with support for 25W fast charging and 4GB/64GB entry-level memory option. Given how often we get to hear about the Galaxy A13 duo, the launch date could be sooner than expected.



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