Oppo teases retractable rear camera ahead of Inno Day 2021


With Oppo’s Inno Day 2021 coming up on December 14 we are bound to see some exciting new tech. Last year we saw the brand’s rollable concept smartphone and this year Oppo is teasing a self-developed retractable rear camera module.

The actual sensor is a 1/1.56-inch imager with a 50mm equivalent lens with f/2.4 aperture which fits the Sony IMX766 profile. As to why you’d need a moving rear camera, we believe this is going to be used as a zoom cam. The large pixels coming from the sensor could be used to capture more details or offer some form of advanced bokeh effect.

Oppo retractable camera module

Oppo retractable camera module

The short teaser video shows us the whole contraption is splash resistant and can retract when dropped just like pop up selfie cam. With just a week left to the big event, we’ll have to patiently wait for more details to emerge.


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