Check out this X-ray wallpaper for the Apple Watch Series 7


The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced alongside the new iPhone 13 and new iPad mini model, and it didn’t bring too many changes aside from the display size and a couple of internal design differences.

Source: iFixit

iFixit already tore down the Series 7 back in Octrober and it is back with X-rays of the Apple Watch thanks to Creative Electron. In addition, images of both the internals of the Apple Watch and the X-ray are available to download from iFixit for both the 41mm and 44mm versions.

44mm, See-Through
44mm, See-Through
44mm, X-Ray

44mm, See-Through • 44mm, See-Through, Dark • 44mm, X-Ray

To add one of these to your Apple Watch, head to the Source link and follow the instructions on iFixit’s site.



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