Enjoy a Massage After Hiking in the City and Hills of Chiang Mai

Enjoy a Massage After Hiking Around Chiang Mai

Visitors become enchanted during a visit to Chiang Mai. The city is a large, modern metropolis that also has an ancient ‘old town’ that was the centre of the Lanna civilisation in past centuries. The city is also surrounded by picturesque mountains with lots of wilderness, waterfalls, and villages to explore. 

While you’re in the northern part of Thailand, do yourself and your travelling companions a favour and treat yourselves to a Thai massage in Chiang Mai at the end of a day of sightseeing. You’ll not only discover one of the great pleasures of life in Thailand, but you’ll sleep better and wake up ready to see more sights the next day of your visit. 

Explore ‘Old Town’ Chiang Mai

In the centre of this modern city, you can still see the ancient walls and surrounding moat of the ancient Lanna city that was the heart of civilisation in the region. Entering the interior of this area, a sightseer will be charmed by all the modern life juxtaposed by the ancient ruins that still command attention. 

The ‘Old Town’ area has several ancient temples to see, and there’s also a museum where you can learn about Lanna culture. You’ll see hints of the beauty of the culture here and there as you notice people sometimes wearing Lanna-style clothing and jewellery. You can buy some of these beautiful pieces for yourself at the Chiang Mai Night Market located within the walls of ‘Old Town.’

Discover the Beauty of Chiang Mai’s Hill Country

With Lanna villages, virgin forests, waterfalls, and plenty of vistas for taking pictures. The hills of Chiang Mai offer a different experience than the modern city in the valley below. There are organised tours that can take you as far away as a three-hour drive, as the region of northern Thailand is well-known for the beauty of its hills and mountains. 

But there are plenty of sights worth exploring within site of the city. Hiking is a popular activity for visitors to Chaing Mai. Walking through a tropical forest and suddenly finding yourself in a small and beautiful village of smiling people is something you’ll always remember. 

Enjoy Your Visit by Taking Care of Yourself

You need to take care of your body when you visit the city and explore the surrounding hills. There are so many worthwhile sights to see that it would be a shame to miss any for reasons that could easily have been avoided. 

After a day of sightseeing by foot around the ‘Old Town’, or hiking the hilly trails above Chiang Mai, it’s always a good idea to visit a spa. Let’s Relax Spa has spas in most major cities in Thailand, and there are two in Chiang Mai. Why not make an appointment at one of them before heading out to see the sights?

Your leg muscles may need a little care after hiking so much, and after carrying a backpack with water and various other needs, your shoulders also could use some attention. A visit to Let’s Relax Spa is the perfect way to end the day in Chiang Mai.