Detailed review & guide to nail dashes

Do you also love to get your nails done? We all do. Wearing different colours and prints not only embraces your hands but adds class to your personality. Be it acrylics, hard gel, dip powder, or any other nail extension, and it has gained huge popularity over the past few years. However, most of them are time-consuming, expensive, require extensive care, and somehow damage your original nails.


Thankfully, now you can get your nails done without digging a hole in your pocket or damaging your original nails. And wear them for a longer period until you get bored of them. Recently, Red Aspen introduced their hassle-free nail extension range, which is available in solid-coloured nails, and designed a set of pieces. As the company is new, people are curious about their product. However, keep reading further if you are also searching for an unbiased nail dashes review.

Nails dashes

At first, we thought they were stickers, but we were surprised to know they were pressed on after researching. But feels like you have done your nails with a manicure or good quality thin acrylic nail. They are available in various sizes, small, short, medium, or long, and have tons of colours and patterns.

And the major aspect of having them on is that – their products are sulphate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and do not have phthalate in them. Which is not only appropriate for you but the environment as well.

  • Glue, the file, the cuticle stick, and several sizes of the press-on nails (to find the perfect fit for each nail) are included in the set.


How to remove the nails?

If you get bored with your old nails, you can easily remove them and get your new nails like always. It only takes 10minutes to get rid of unwanted nails art.


  • Fill a bowl with warm water along with a little shot of Dawn dish wash soap.


  • Soak your hands in the bowl. As Dawn lifts oils and grease from the dishes, it will remove the glue of your nails to pop the extension off.


  • You can also use a little flosser to pry your nail extension off without any pain or damage.


However, it does not mean – doing dishes or getting your nails wet will remove your extension the next day. You have to soak your hands in the mixture for several minutes before removing your nail extension. But always remember, do not let your nails sit for a long time before you take them off. Else, you may tear your original nail beneath your nail extension.


Application of nail dashes 

As removing is an easy task, applying a fresh nail is easier. You can choose your favorite amongst various patterns and colours. And after removing your old layer of dashes nails, you can prepare them for new nail extensions. Below we have shared a step-wise guide to applying them easily.

  • After removing the old extension, clean your nails neatly


  • Buff each nail enough to make it slightly rough to make it hold a new set of nails easily


  • Next, push back your cuticles back with the help of a cuticle stick


  • And remove oils from your nail beds by using vinegar or rubbing alcohol


  • Afterword’s, apply a soft coat of glue on your nail and press on the extension nail


  • After placing your nail extension, press your nail for about 30 seconds


  • Lastly, file them down to your preferable Shae or length


As per our personal experience, we have shared our review on Red Aspen nail dashes. Hopefully, our article was helpful and guided you regarding nail dashes. However, next time you get your nails done, we recommend considering the guide given above. And save your hard-earned money and get salon-type nails at home.