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It’s time to tackle certain issues I’ve been contemplating recently. There is a lot of opposition to the entire HTML5 standard, much of it at Adobe supporters. However, at the same at the same time, I’m not a fervent supporter of the Apple general anti. Adobe debate. I think it’s just a prank. There’s always a political element in corporate life. As developer and end-user, I’m anxious about what standards might allow to further enhance innovation and enhance user experience. It’s about bringing the different technologies together and make my work simpler. It’s no secret that I’m thrilled but it’s not due to I think Google or Apple have given Adobe the respect they deserve. Conflicts between corporate entities are the business’s responsibility to manage, not yours to manage. They’re not your friends.

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They do not charge you for being their online friend. It’s ridiculous. Recently, I’ve witnessed numerous people presenting arguments they are unable to comprehend, and trying to discredit the HTML5 project. In the end this is the five broad categories categorized by the most frequently utilized false arguments. It’s a phrase that I often encounter “HTML5 has become a mess due to the fact that businesses aren’t able to agree on capabilities”. It’s the result from angered Adobe supporters who wish to present it as if the debate over codecs could be a good instance of the standard but it’s not. The codec for the film is just used for video. Google and Apple definitely have the potential to help push the acceptance of HTML5 ahead, however it could be at the cost to Flash and Flash however, this is because Flash is outdated and natural selection does not have any hidden agenda from the general public.

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I’m not ashamed to announce my status as an HTML5 user However, that doesn’t mean that I’m a fan of Apple or Google or even in opposition to Adobe as some claim. I don’t get paid! It’s uncomplicated and juvenile. It’s false to say that there’s no danger to FLASH. However, Adobe includes beyond Flash. It is one of my favorite aspects of it. The majority of people who fight with their teeth and claws against Adobe don’t know that they can benefit from it. Dreamweaver CS5 has already included “smart paste” which lets you embed the elements of Flash into a website directly…yes that’s an HTML5 canvas. Some have suggested that it’s feasible, and I’d suggest to test it. Adobe has realized the potential of HTML5 rapidly, therefore, why should this be a major issue?

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I’m not going to dispute that Adobe makes an excellent tool for creative thinking that is the top-of-the-line on the market. However, it is also able to be a leader by developing powerful tools for development that use HTML5. Adobe supporters are known to highlight how HTML5 doesn’t have any tools for development currently. This is an accurate (if somewhat rushed) claim. I’m constantly hearing it said in many funny ways for instance, the time an untrained Adobe user said to me that “developing web applications using an XML markup language would be too difficult” I replied “no dear friend it’s not as complicated but it’s a complete nightmare! Canvas is a good example, since tags define an elements’ boundaries.

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Many people consider this to be a scary possibility but I’m not sure the reason, given that JavaScript isn’t a difficult language. It’s important to remember it is that ActionScript is an adaptation of JavaScript So what exactly is the necessary steps to develop the same development platform as Flash that uses an API known as Canvas API? Canvas API? It’s not a huge task and, as I stated in my previous post, Adobe is already moving slow toward this end. If they don’t make it, the next version will. This isn’t that’s easy is the case with HTML5 since it’s an open source. There will be many companies that are pushing the technology forward and we’ll be witnessing amazing cost-effective and efficient applications that were not even thought of by the creators of Flash. Flash web.